Peggy was a leatherback turtle we satellite tagged on Matura Beach in Trinidad at the end of May last year. She was a “Canadian.” When we found her on the beach, she was wearing flipper tags that showed we had worked with her in waters off Halifax in July 2009.

Normally we only work with leatherbacks in Canadian waters. This was the first time we put a satellite tag on a leatherback on a nesting beach. It was exciting and the result of a collaboration with our friends Dr. Scott Eckert, the Nature Seekers in Trinidad, and CBC’s The Nature of Things. Many people have asked us about her since seeing the documentary CBC aired last week. (If you are in Canada, you can watch the documentary that includes Peggy here.)

Peggy heads back into the ocean after being satellite tagged. Photo copyright Canadian Sea Turtle Network (

Peggy heads back into the ocean after being satellite tagged. Photo copyright Canadian Sea Turtle Network (

This is a picture of Peggy heading back into the ocean after we satellite tagged her. It is dark because leatherbacks nest at night.

We had hoped to follow Peggy’s track as she migrated back up to Atlantic Canadian waters. As you can see, however, Peggy’s track only lasted for 35 days.

Picture 3

She returned to Matura Beach three times to nest after she was satellite tagged. The third time, the Nature Seekers team observed her and had the chance to photograph her. She looked great, as did her tag. She left after that third nesting and headed out to an area off Galera Point to wait out “follicle development.” Her behaviour was typical of a leatherback getting ready to nest again.

Then she disappeared.

There is a lot of gillnet fishing in the area where we last heard from Peggy. Leatherbacks are routinely accidentally caught in this fishery. We talked to a fisherman from that area, who talked to others in his community. Although none of them reported catching a leatherback with a transmitter on her, it is still our best guess that Peggy was accidentally caught in a gillnet and died as a result.



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7 thoughts on “Peggy

  1. […] and not on Matura—despite lots of effort looking. It reminds me how lucky we were to come across Peggy last year. The film crew from NHK has left Suzan’s Guest House. We’ll see them again up at our […]

  2. Kevin HC says:

    Just finished watching that episode “Trek of the Titans” here in Trinidad. That’s really sad….. Sorry that that happened.

  3. […] keeping a close eye on Christie and Sharon, our nesting turtles. As we found out when we tracked Peggy two years ago, there is no guarantee a leatherback will make it through the entire cycle of nesting […]

  4. […] location is off Toco point, which is a busy fishing area and the place where we lost contact with Peggy. Let’s hope she pulls a Riley and makes it through […]

  5. Krista says:

    We watched the show about Peggy, and a little of Margret. I am now interested…But living in the middle of Ont…it’s a little difficult to help you all on the water… But just know that we are routing for those Leatherback Turtles! Go Turtles from Nova Scotia!

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