Heading north and south and maybe west


Christie is turning a little to the north right now. As you may remember, she has a history of nesting in Trinidad. We expect she’ll meander around the waters off the coast for a few weeks yet. Pretty soon, every time she looks like she might dart in close to shore, we’ll start to get jumpy and wonder if tonight is the night when she nests. That is always fun.

The turtle I’m particularly interested in today, however, is Beverly. Right now she is almost exactly halfway between the coast of Newfoundland and the coast of Spain. She’s approximately 1,700 kilometers from each.

But have a close look. She moved south and the tiniest bit west. I see that she’s done this before. But I think at some point Beverly is going to take off and catch up with Christie because Beverly also has a history of nesting in Trinidad. She was seen on the beach nesting there in 2013, which makes it reasonable to expect her to be back this year.

At this point, Beverly is about 4,500 kilometres from Trinidad. That’s a long swim! But maybe she’s heading there now?

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5 thoughts on “Heading north and south and maybe west

  1. Mary Lou says:

    This is superb. We will be looking out for them down here !!! 🙂

  2. […] As I mentioned last week, I’m keeping my eye on Beverly right now. Still moving south. I think we’ll know in just a few more days whether or not she’s going to start the great swim toward Trinidad. I have the same feeling I get when I want to know the ending of a story right away without waiting any longer. And in this case, I can’t flip to the final pages of a book to satisfy my curiosity. Turtles teach me patience! […]

  3. […] Beverly last year, who decided staying north and travelling east made more sense. Remember this and this and […]

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