Eric update

Eric swam for a bit today. We’re not letting him spend too much time in the water at this point so that he conserves what little energy he has. In very good news, Dr. Chris Harvey-Clark, the vet taking care of Eric, said that our turtle is no longer hypothermic. His temperature is in the normal range again.

Eric is still fighting pneumonia, and likely will be for a while. But Chris says the biggest challenge now is how emaciated Eric is. He isn’t showing an interest in eating yet, which is a worry. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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2 thoughts on “Eric update

  1. Derek and Donna Vernest says:

    Donna, my wife found a dead loggerhead sea turtle yesterday. Nov. 11. 2015. It was on the beach in the Bay of fundy. Located in Black rock NS.The turtle was about 12 or 13 inches long and maybe 10 inches across. She did take some pictures which we could send to you if you like. The turtle was intact and not harmed.. so somewhat mysterious on how it died.

    Derek Vernest
    or 902-538-3041

  2. niffer8 says:

    Go, Eric! You’re a fighter, buddy!

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